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 Wedding Photography for under $1000?

You’ve probably seen the traditional wedding photography more often than you would like to admit. It’s usually a few poses of people standing up together in a group. The typical bride and groom poses are so common you could probably list them off the top of your head at this very moment.

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 Wedding Photography

The group picture is fine as it shows everyone all together displaying the beautiful array of style and color of the wedding party. To me the best wedding photography is taken by a photographer who relates well with people in conversation. This type of photographer has a way of capturing the essence of the people. By that I mean even though the people may pose, this photographer brings a relaxed energy that allows the poses to look and feel natural.


 wedding photography captures the loving smile on the mother’s face as she looks at her son in his last moments of single life. There is an intuitive sense of noticing subtle moments and capturing those moments for life.

Black and White Photography In 

Digital photography in black and white is often more valued than color. There is a notable depth to black and white photography that leaves some imagination to the viewer. It’s also a great opportunity to be taken back in time momentarily to the days when life was more simple and imagination ruled the day. Great black and white photography requires a set of unique skills to make it outstanding just as color does.

Variety is the spice of life so the best wedding photography will include both black and white photography and color; digital photography and film.

Best Wedding Photographer 

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Having recently just been married myself in Salt Lake City, I know the stress and frustration many brides-to-be often experience when seeking the perfect photographer for their Utah wedding. Selecting a photographer to capture your wedding day is probably one of the most important hires you will ever make, so it is vital that you take the necessary time and effort to find just the right one.

First, know your style...visually that is. Determine what effects you may want, such as sepia-toned or photos printed on watercolor paper. How about the black and white pictures versus color photographs ratio? Many brides opt for a photographer that offers a well-balanced mix of traditional photographs and journalistic candid shots.

Last but certainly not least when it comes to choosing the perfect Utah wedding photographer, is not underestimating the significance of a good working relationship (if not friendship). Many of the best and most important shots of your wedding album will be intimate shots and photos taken behind the scene. You want an amiable photographer that you and your guests will be comfortable with which will enable beautiful and genuine photographs.

Traditional Wedding Photographer 

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In a place where weddings are as abundant as clouds in the sky, Utah offers numerous choices when it comes to choosing your Utah wedding photographer. Once you have chosen, you can discuss all the available options you have with the photographer. Documenting one of the most important days in your life, your wedding pictures should be as unique and special as you are. Let your personality shine through by adding your own personal flare to your photos by following a few simple guidelines.

Mix candid shots with posed photos. If you love candid pictures, hire a photographer with a genuine talent for taking poignant, spontaneous pictures. These shots, coupled with your traditional photos will guarantee that your wedding album is diverse and stunning.

Make certain the pictures you want are taken. Prepare a list beforehand for your photographer of all the moments, places, and people you want captured on film. This will ensure perfect pictures are taken without you having to stress and worry about the photography. You can even recruit a family member or friend to help the photographer identify guests.

Use both color and black-and-white film, there are guaranteed benefits to using both. Color film preserves all the little details you so lovingly and meticulously planned: the matching flowers of the bouquet, the bright blue of the bridesmaids' dresses, and all the colors used in your beautiful reception hall. On the other hand, black-and-white film is typically preferred for capturing emotional and intimate moments, creating timeless, classic photographs. Black-and-white film enables you to concentrate solely on the subject and the ambiance of the moment captured. The current trend in Utah wedding photography seems to lean towards black-and-white film, but using both kinds will give you the full effect of your wedding, mixing classic, traditional photos with vibrant and colorful ones.